Dynamic Templates for the Repeater, DataList and DataGrid Controls

ost of the time, when you add a Repeater, DataList or DataGrid control on the page, you hardcode their templates: you know the data you want to show, and to do this you declare Literal, Label, CheckBox and any other type of control with bindable properties, or simply add static

WinForms Controls—Creating Control Arrays in VB.NET

ne of the VB6 features that are no longer supported in VB.NET is the automated creation of control arrays by simply copying an existing control as many times as required into an array. There is existing literature in MSDN which illustrates how to create control arrays at run time, but

Interview with Ingo Rammer

ngo is an independent consultant, developer, author, and trainer based in Vienna, Austria. His books “Advanced .NET Remoting” and “Advanced .NET Remoting in VB.NET” were published by Apress in 2002. In his day-to-day work, he focuses mainly on the architecture of .NET applications, and works with several companies in the

STA Comes Not from STAbility

continue a good cause started by Jimmy Nilsson saying “Don’t you hate being told what to do and not to do, without knowing the reason why?” As for now the time has come to STA, the only apartment model available from VB 6 and formers. On the one hand Microsoft

A Pure Object-oriented Domain Model by a DB Guy, Part 5

s I write this, four parts have been published in this series (see the left column). Now is the time to focus on how to access the database. As I said, what we are going to talk about today is the Persistence Access layer, found slightly to the right in

Scaling Out With Object-Relational Mapping on .NET

long with the proliferation of the Internet and large-scale intranets, the requirements of enterprise applications have evolved. Launching a service in an expanding enterprise could put an ever-increasing load on the application forcing more server resources to be added to be able to sustain a reasonable user experience. You are

A Pure Object-oriented Domain Model by a DB Guy, Part 4

’d like to start today by getting rid of a myth. Just because we have decided to work with custom classes doesn’t mean that we also have to decide to use a stateful model on the application server. We can work in a similar way as with DataSets so that

A Pure Object-oriented Domain Model by a DB Guy, Part 3

elcome back to my process of creating a new architecture. As you know, as I write this the creation process is not over, but is still ongoing. I’m changing things all the time which means the architecture is slightly different in every article. The good news is that nothing has

RefTools’ Algorithms: Look-up Strategies

his is the first in a short series of articles describing Visual Basic components from the RefTools add-in. A first conclusion is that simple binary search of a sorted list is the fastest for two data sets and a close second for the third.

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