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Create a Syslog Sender/Receiver Using the MS Winsock Control

“ary! Bob! Dinner in 10 minutes,” you yell out the kitchen window because you know the kids are outside somewhere. You transmit a simple message to a known receiver. Usually, the message is received and understood, and the hungry kids show up, but sometimes they may not hear you (so

The Basics of REALbasic, Cross-platform RAD Tool in the Mold of VB

n recent years, the move towards web-based applications has accelerated for a variety of reasons, including the need for simple and reliable installations. Despite the many reasons for developing web applications, an old-fashioned, double-clickable native application is still better at some things. The user experience, for example, is generally richer

Personalization with Application Settings in Visual Basic

y previous article discussed the new Application Settings feature in Windows Forms 2.0. The article demonstrated this feature using C#. However, the application settings feature is also available in Visual Basic. Thus, this article continues my exploration of this new feature, this time round, focusing on how you can automatically

Avoid DLL Hell with Registration-free COM

eusable, dynamically linked components are generally a good idea, because they allow you to leverage code and save memory rather than reinvent the wheel. But with thousands of developers leveraging thousands of native DLLs?and no OS-enforced systematic control of versioning or installation, developers often overwrite their own and others’ DLLs

Control GUI Action in VB6 Using the Command Behavior Pattern

n real life, sequences aren’t easy to control. Once something is set in motion it is difficult to manipulate discrete portions of that movement. And of course, in real life it’s impossible to undo a movement. But in programming, sequences aren’t so elusive. If you plan correctly, you can define

Manage VB6 Code Complexity with the State Behavior Pattern

o learn how to do something well, following in the footsteps of those that have successfully done it before can be a useful practice. Think of the age old master/apprentice system, which works well and is still used today. In medicine, for example, the chief resident can be considered a

Test Drive Test-Driven Development with Visual Basic 6

gile development is the new paradigm! (Are you rolling your eyes yet?) Yes, “paradigm” is an overused word but hype aside, agile development does offer some interesting best practices that might turn on its head how you think about developing software. One such practice is test-driven development (TDD), which has

Expand Your VB6 Printing Repertoire—Part III

n the past two 10-Minute Solutions, you’ve explored the basics of printing with VB6 and built a very simple text editor with print and preview capabilities. Now, learn how to print tabular data from a ListView control. The ListViewcontrol is very handy for displaying tabular data—though because it doesn’t allow

Featured Discussion: Two Different Ways to Sort Arrays in VBScript

Join the DiscussionGo to this threadvb.generalDiscussions Homepage om Gow is working on a Web page in ASP/VBScript. He’s having trouble alphabetically sorting an array with state names. The array in question is loaded with the results of three different queries. The sort is working, but after it’s complete, the data

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