Virtual Machines Special Report

The Right and Wrong Virtual Machine Uses in Development and Testing

irtual machines can cut time and money out of the software development and testing process, but they aren’t the best choice in every scenario. When should you use virtual machines for developing and testing software, and when should you use a more traditional setup with physical machines? Read on to

Prototype Complex Enterprise Solutions with Just Your Workstation

uppose you have to deploy a highly available and scalable database backend solution for an Internet application (similar to what is described here). A cluster immediately comes to mind. A cluster is a conglomerate of two or more machines that are capable of sharing their workload in a real-time, near

Make A Virtual Machine Your Safe Internet-Browsing Sandbox

ecurity threats are an ever-present concern when using the Internet. Something as simple as browsing the Internet can introduce malware into a machine. Firewalls, antivirus, and antispyware software and good judgment must be exercised at all times. But no matter how well protected your system is and how careful you

Keys to a Successful Virtual Infrastructure Implementation

id you ever notice how IT trends tend to be cyclical, mirroring trends in clothing styles and television shows? Women are wearing bell-bottoms again and we’re watching a lot of cop shows these days, just like back in the 1970s.In IT, we are running virtual machines (VMs) on Intel platforms

Virtual Machines: A Logical Evolution of Operating Systems

lthough microcomputer operating systems have made huge strides since the early CP/M and DOS days, they originally evolved under the basic idea that each computer would be loaded with a single operating system that was tied tightly to the hardware. When you bought an IBM PC or clone, you expected

The Pros and Cons of Virtual Machines in the Datacenter

y organization has been using VMware and Xen virtualization products for a few years for several purposes, including testing of new software configurations, development, and consolidation of production servers. We use VMware Workstation to test software, and we use VMware GSX Server to consolidate server software onto fewer physical machines.

The Developer’s Guide to Building Virtual PCs

irtual PCs are extremely useful for development, testing, and setting up deployments that require applications to be isolated from one another. During the past year or so, I’ve built more than a dozen Virtual PCs with Microsoft Virtual PC 2004, and used a few more that Microsoft supplied with the

A Developer’s Eye View of Virtual Machines

n a world of multiple operating systems, each with various versions, no developer has the luxury of building applications for only one target configuration. Every developer needs to ensure that his or her applications will function correctly on all the OS configurations used by today’s heterogeneous IT environments. Because dedicating

DevX Special Report: Special Report: Virtual Machines Usher In a New Era

Recognizing the impact virtual machines can have on the application development process, DevX has compiled a comprehensive special report that helps you understand and evaluate the available virtualization solutions and guides you through deployment. A Developer’s Eye View of Virtual Machines 01/30/06 Virtualization technology allows developers to create multiple virtual