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Where to Find Entry-Level Software Engineer Work

Computer Science is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after professions of recent memory. Jobs in the “Computer Sciences” net an average of 131,490, yearly. Beyond this, it is a career in an ever-expanding industry. It will likely only continue to grow and need employees in entry-level software engineer work.

Cannot Call API Functions From ASP

Question: Can I use Windows API calls in ASP? If so, do I have to declare functions? Answer: Unfortunately, at this time you cannot call API functions from ASP. The only functions you can call are those that are exposed as methods by a COM object. Dim myobjset myobj =

Displaying Excel Information in ASP Pages

Question: How can ASP query an Excel sheet and get all the books’ names that reside in that Excel document using ADO (or any other way)? I want to display all contents of the Excel sheet on a Web page using ASP. Answer: You will need to use the Excel