Where to Find Entry-Level Software Engineer Work

Where to Find Entry-Level Software Engineer Work

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Computer Science is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after professions of recent memory. Jobs in the “Computer Sciences” net an average of 131,490, yearly. Beyond this, it is a career in an ever-expanding industry. It will likely only continue to grow and need employees in entry-level software engineer work. This means more jobs, with relative consistency when regarding a stable amount of earning potential.

However, like many fields, the trouble comes not from the work being present in the space, but rather from breaking into a new career path. While many entry-level jobs work mainly with the intention of getting your foot in the door of a specific industry, finding out where exactly to attempt dropping that pin can greatly alter the trajectory of your career life.

Luckily, here are several places to find entry-level work as a software engineer:

Job Boards – Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor

Like many things with the internet, this is faster, more specific, and ultimately the most direct way to approach looking for work. In an instant, you can hop on the internet and have access to thousands of jobs in this field. You can quickly apply and within weeks, and even days have a serviceable interview scheduled. Other employment platforms, such as Jooble, also provide a diverse range of entry-level job opportunities to explore

Make sure to go in with your strongest Portfolio and Resumé a Cover Letter or Letter of Recommendation also works fantastically. If these are strong, you can quickly sift through many jobs to find easy entry-level positions appropriate for your background.

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It should be noted, however, that this is the least personable. So make sure to have an impressive resume and portfolio of work. You need to win their eyes and ears before you get a legitimate shot at helping them build their brand further.

However, keep in mind this is one of the easiest ways to find a multitude of jobs quickly. It provides more potential chances at scoring an interview regardless of location or schedule.

Conventions, Job Fairs

If you are looking for opportunities, sometimes it’s best to simply go where companies are putting their best foot forward. While this is often doubled as a type of service advertising, it is also a genuine and semi-organic way to meet and interview with a company. This can be done through simple and casual conversation so have an elevator pitch ready.

Beyond the standard Booth-Traversing Job Fair, going to industry conventions is a great way to learn from and meet thought leaders within the software space and network with people who may be in hiring positions.

As opposed to applying through Indeed or LinkedIn, a meet and greet like this works incredibly well as an informal interview. By placing yourself in front of the member of the application process you can take the weight off of having a stacked Resumé or an incredible Portfolio. You get to help market yourself

Think of either of these opportunities as a casual way to learn about your proposed field and get in some passive interviewing. If all goes well you could have a potential referral or an in-company reference.

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In the Industry

Sometimes it is easiest to go into the industry itself on an expedition for active talent. Building connections and networking with current superstars can help build potential venues for opportunities. Reaching out at any opportunity is the best way to go when heading forward.

These are definitely far more nebulous and less direct than the other two. But, connecting with industry workers is a way to learn. Many times, often learning more than you would need to know before you apply. Likewise, these individuals can point you to where to apply, how to apply, and what to look for when applying.

There are a wealth of these jobs on the market with LinkedIn having a staunchly alleged +281,000 available in the United States alone at the time of this being published. Beyond the remote capabilities and the roughly 63.00 USD/hour pay, there are many good reasons to break into this field.


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