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More Efficient LPad Function for Large Padding Lengths

function LPad(ContentToSize,PadLength,PadChar) { return GetRepeatedCharString(PadChar, PadLength -ContentToSize.length) + ContentToSize;}function GetRepeatedCharString(Char, Size) { if (Size < 1) return ""; else if (Size == 1) return Char; else return GetRepeatedCharString(Char, Size / 2) +GetRepeatedCharString(Char, (Size + 1) / 2);}Arguments:ContentToSize - Content to be PaddedPadLength -Length of the string after paddingPadChar - Character

Display Various Date Information in your ASP Pages

There are certain scenarios where you need to display the create date or the last modified date of your document. There is a “LastModified” method in the “document” object which gives you the last modified date of the HTML document under context. This method cannot be used to get the