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Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin

In Text Rendering with Xamarin, I drilled down into the countless ways and options that Xamarin provides you to display text on the screen of multiple mobile devices. In this article, I’ll focus on the cross-platform mechanisms and the support for per-platform code in Xamarin. SAP vs. PCL Xamarin Forms

Text Rendering with Xamarin

One of the most important aspects of mobile programming is displaying text on the screen. The relatively limited real estate of the mobile phone means that in order to provide a superb user experience, you have to consider very carefully how much information to present to the user in each

Remote Work and the Social Forces and Technologies that Enable It

Remote work is becoming more and more prevalent. Social forces and technology advances are both responsible. Some software companies are completely distributed and don’t even have a physical office. This trend in likely to become more prevalent. My Personal Experience I have been working remotely one or two days a

Cross-platform Development in C# with Xamarin

C# is a fantastic programming language and .NET is a fantastic runtime. It was developed by Microsoft as an answer to Sun’s Java at the dawn of the previous millennium and gained a lot of success and traction in certain domains like enterprise software, line of business application and games.

Read Minds with React Native

Facebook’s React.js view framework is a huge success. It is component-based, has one way binding and is super fast. The awesomeness just oozes out of it. But, what about all those phones out there? Fear not. React Native takes the React.js model and applies it to iOS and Android. React

Android Development Security Best Practices

Android is ubiquitous and runs on a huge variety of devices for a vast number of different applications. It is typically found on mobile phones and tablets. This means that it is often used in public areas where the device itself can be lost or stolen, as well as attacked

Pros and Cons of 5 Mobile UI Frameworks

Mobile frameworks are frameworks that deliver a mobile experience when a website is viewed on a mobile device. Alternatively, these mobile frameworks could also be used to develop installed applications, such as PhoneGap by Adobe. In either case, these will be mobile websites running on good old HTML, CSS and

The Three Technologies We Ought to Give IT Admins

Lately, users have been getting the newest and best mobile technology first. Sure, IT professionals might get an evaluation copy when a new innovation comes out, but their time is mostly spent setting up that tech for users. That’s where the budget goes, too. If new technology can increase user

Lessons Learned Building Mobile Applications

Today’s corporate office is much quieter than it was 10 years ago, since many employees no longer work from their desks all day. Increasingly, people are getting work done remotely on their tablets and mobile devices, with about 30 million Americans working from home at least once a week. As