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Take Advantage of SQLXML with ASP.NET

QLXML is a set of supplemental tools that extend SQL Server’s existing support for retrieving and storing XML data. With SQLXML 3.0, you are now able to use SQL Server

Compressing XML—Part I, Writing WBXML

ireless Binary XML (WBXML) is a compact representation of XML and is part of the presentation logic in Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). WBXML significantly improves the efficiency of transmitting XML

Generate PDF Files Dynamically Using XSL-FO

his article shows you an easy way to generate PDF files dynamically for display in a browser by using an XSL vocabulary called XSL-FO (Extensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Objects). A

XML Parsers: DOM and SAX Put to the Test

ML is becoming increasingly popular in the developer community as a tool for passing, manipulating, storing, and organizing information. If you are one of the many developers planning to use

Choose Your Java XML Parser

he XML parser world is a dynamic one. As standards change, the parsers change as well–XML parsers are becoming more sophisticated. For most programming projects, the parser, at minimum, must

Get a Jump on XML Development

he newest addition to the pantheon of web technologies is yet another markup language. XML, otherwise known as the Extensible Markup Language, resembles other markup languages like SGML and HTML.