Application Framework with the ECC pattern

Application Framework with the ECC pattern

This COM-based framework provides the basis for easily building a fully functional application, by using the Engine-Collection-Class Design Pattern. It can be deployed across a Microsoft Windows 2000 network using COM+ technology. The Data Access Layer uses Object Factory for creating connections for different types of data sources. It currently works only for Access and SQL Server 2000, but it is adaptable. The zip file contains an Access database as well as a SQL script for generating a database on SQL Server. The Business Logic Layer uses a modified Engine-Collection-Class design pattern for building components: this includes tracking modifications on records and the ability to store more status data for each record. The Presentation Layer is simple and reliable. The framework includes two modules: user rights administration and company contacts administration (clients, customers, employees, etc.), a good start for a CRM application. The ZIP file contains the full source code and a document that will help you start working with it.

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