10 Questions to Ask Before Taking an Agile Development Job

Because the number of Agile software development jobs continues to far exceed the number of qualified candidates, many developers with Agile experience are finding that they have a choice of employment options. But InformationWeek’s Bob Schatz warns, “Most shops looking for agile developers aren’t yet agile. They’re either just starting out with agile, or they want to be agile, or they say they’re agile but really aren’t. Odds are high that the shop you’re interviewing with for that agile position could be a potential nightmare gig in the making.”

He recommends that developers ask the following question to help determine just how committed a prospective employer is to agile methods:

    1. “Where will I work?What is the workspace like?”
    2. “How do you structure your work teams?”
    3. “What tools and languages do you use?”
    4. “How much customer contact will I have?”
    5. “Will I speak with my potential coworkers during my interview?”
    6. “How pervasive is your embrace of agile?”
    7. “What problems have you encountered in adopting agile?”
    8. “Have any of your people spoken at conferences or published about your use of agile?”
    9. “Are your people certified and trained on agile?Do you offer training and certification?”
    10. “What are your metrics for post-release defects and customer satisfaction?”

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