AT&T `Speed Dating’ With App Firms to Gain Edge Over Verizon

AT&T `Speed Dating’ With App Firms to Gain Edge Over VerizonThe company launches a mobile application development project costing “tens of millions of dollars.”

AT&T has announced that is will open three new facilities in Palo Alto, California; Tel Aviv; and Plano, Texas where it will meet with and advise mobile app developers. The company will invite up to 400 developers per year to present 8- to 10-minute pitches in a process likened to speed dating. The company will then back apps it likes—perhaps 30 per year—in exchange for a share of revenues.


AT&T’s CTO John Donovan explained that the company was making the move “because we’re going to end up with something to market faster than our competitors.” Analysts say consumers could spend $6.2 billion on mobile apps this year.

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