Study Compares U.S., Chinese Programmers

Study Compares U.S., Chinese Programmers

Developer social networking site Gild has released the results of a study comparing the skills of U.S. developers to those of Chinese developers. On math and logic tests, Chinese coders scored an average of 20 percent better than their U.S. counterparts. However, U.S. developers scored higher on tests of popular programming languages, including C (22 percent higher), C# (26 percent higher), C++ (19 percent higher) and Java (24 percent higher).

“Software development remains a bright spot for the U.S., with American programmers the best in the world, but is it sustainable?” asked Gild CEO Sheeroy Desai. “To ensure this leadership for more than a generation we urgently need to improve the quality of math skills in our schools. … While nothing can replace creativity and ingenuity the United States cannot afford to ignore the fundamentals.”

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