How to Succeed in Agile Development

How to Succeed in Agile Development

What makes some IT projects succeed while others fail? Alistair Cockburn says it all boils down to three behaviors: “Those that were co-locating face to face, (with) short delivery cycles, (and) access to customers were delivering.” Since Agile software development methodologies encourage all three of these behaviors, it makes sense that many Agile teams are more successful than those that use other development techniques.

So how do you convince your team to give Agile techniques a try? Steve Rogalsky suggests six “influence strategies”:

  1. Make the Undesirable Desirable (Personal Motivation)
  2. Surpass Your Limits (Personal Ability)
  3. Harness Peer Pressures (Social Motivation)
  4. Find Strength in Numbers (Social Ability)
  5. Design Rewards and Demand Accountability (Structural Motivation)
  6. Change the Environment (Structural Ability)

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