Offshored Development Jobs Could Be Returning to the U.S.

President Obama has launched a new effort to encourage U.S. companies not to send jobs overseas, and several industry observers say the time is ripe for many enterprise application development jobs to return to America. Brian Keane, who is setting up a new U.S.-based IT services company called Ameritas, said that his firm will be “focusing on jobs that have gone offshore, but should have never gone offshore.” He added that overseas developers “just don’t understand how the application is being used.”

Similarly, Forrester analyst Stephanie Moore blogged, “My unbiased analyst opinion is that IT jobs are coming back here and this transition will be at least as quick as the Indian software vendors’ rise to dominance.”

In addition, a Systems in Motion study found that inshore IT services were 2.9 times more productive than offshore IT services.

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