Developers Earn More in Certain Cities

Developers Earn More in Certain Cities

A new survey by recruiting firm CyberCoders reveals sizeable differences in the average pay for IT workers, depending on where those workers live. For example, while a .NET developer in San Francisco makes around $98,750.00 a year, a .NET developer in L.A. makes around $86,875 a year.

The cities with the highest average pay for IT workers included the following:

  1. San Jose: $119,412
  2. San Francisco: $112,739
  3. New York: $105,192
  4. Washington, D.C.: $99,618
  5. Boston: $99,099
  6. Los Angeles: $96,705
  7. Brooklyn: $96,696
  8. Philadelphia: $95,929
  9. Chicago: $94,899
  10. Dallas: $94,799

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