NoOps: Growing Trend or Insulting Term?

NoOps: Growing Trend or Insulting Term?

Research firm Forrester last year began using the phrase “NoOps” to describe an environment where developers rely so much on the cloud that they spend very little time on operations tasks like provisioning resources. Experts say that developers typically spend about 60 percent of their time writing code and 40 percent of their time on operations tasks. But AppFog Founder and CEO Lucas Carlson predicts that as developers begin to rely more heavily on PaaS and cloud development tools, the amount of time they spend on operations tasks could drop to 5 percent by 2013.

However, many people who work in IT operations object to the term “NoOps.” They say the word implies there is no need for operations personnel, when in fact, enterprises will still need plenty of operations people who understand how cloud computing works. John Allspaw, VP Operations at Etsy, writes, “‘NoOps’ beats ‘cloud,’ ‘agile’ and ‘SOPA’ as the dumbest marketing term ever coined in my field.”

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