12 Cloud Development Platforms Worth Watching

12 Cloud Development Platforms Worth Watching

As platform as a service (PaaS) become more popular and more important, quite a few vendors have entered the market. Here’s a quick overview of twelve of the most important cloud development platforms:

  • CloudBees — an independent Java development platform
  • CloudFoundry — a Java, Ruby, Node.js and Scala platform from VMware
  • DotCloud — an independent, multi-language platform that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Elastic Beanstalk — AWS’s deployment service for .NET, Java and PHP apps.
  • Engine Yard — an independent Ruby on Rails and PHP platform that runs on AWS
  • —’s platform for apps written with its proprietary technology
  • Google App Engine — a simplified Java, Python and Go platform from Google
  • Heroku —’s other platform, which supports multiple languages
  • Longjump — a platform for building enterprise apps with an MVC implementation of Java
  • OpenShift — a PHP, Perl, Ruby, Node.js and Python platform from RedHat
  • SmartCloud — a Java, Ruby, PHP and .NET platform from IBM
  • Windows Azure — Microsoft’s cloud development platform, which supports .NET, Java and some other languages

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