After Review, Salesforce Awards Second $1 Million Hackathon Prize

After Review, Salesforce Awards Second $1 Million Hackathon Prize

Last month, awarded $1 million to mobile development firm Upshot for winning the hackathon at the Dreamforce event. But some participants complained that the winner hadn’t followed the rules, so started an investigation. Now the company has concluded the matter by awarding a second million-dollar prize.

The investigation “determined that the winning teams met eligibility requirements, but that final round judges may not have been provided with enough information to evaluate final round entrants’ use of pre-existing code contained in their app entries,” stated the company. “As is unable to determine whether or not this would have changed the outcome of the final round of judging, the company has concluded that the appropriate outcome is to declare a tie and award each of our two top winners the first place prize of $1 million.”

The new winners are the team behind However, this announcement is not free from controversy either because the developers on the project work at Taptera, a firm in which has invested.

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