IBM Launches IoT Community

IBM Launches IoT Community

IBM has announced a new Internet of Things (IoT) developer community that it calls IBM developerWorks Recipes. The community will provide advice and tutorials for connecting IoT devices to cloud computing services, and it will include step-by-step instructions for using the IBM Bluemix cloud development platform for various IoT projects.

“IBM has long been a leader in offering innovative tools for developers to create the applications of our future. Now, IBM is expanding that focus so anyone?from the software novice to the experienced hardware engineer?can easily and quickly access materials providing guidance in the creation, management and connection of IoT devices to each other and the cloud,” said Christopher O’Connor, general manager of IoT offerings at IBM. “With developerWorks Recipes, IBM provides easy access to new analytics and operational insight capabilities that tap into the vast data from many connected devices, home appliances or cars.”

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