RIM Launches BlackBerry Partners Portal

RIM Launches BlackBerry Partners Portal

As the countdown continues for RIM’s January 30 launch of BlackBerry 10, the company continues to push developers to get involved with the platform. The latest effort is the BlackBerry Partners for Enterprise portal, which replaces the old BlackBerry Alliance Program. The free program offers enterprise developers and others access to pre-releases of hardware and software, self-serve technical and commercial resources, and a forum for communicating with other BlackBerry 10 developers.

“We’ve been listening to our enterprise partners and we’re fully committed to ensuring they have the application development resources they need to develop for BlackBerry 10,” said RIM’s Derek Peper.

Still, many analysts remain cautious about BlackBerry 10’s prospects. In a November 7 note, Pacific Crest Securities analyst James Faucette wrote, “We believe BB10 is likely to be [dead on arrival]. We expect the new OS to be met with a lukewarm response at best and ultimately likely to fail.”

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