Survey: 94% of Developers Say Their Testing Changed When They Adopted Agile

A new report from Dimensional Research sponsored by Sauce Labs finds that agile software development methodologies make a big impact on an organization’s testing practices. Nearly all of the developers surveyed (94 percent) said that adopting agile altered their testing procedures. Getting more specific, 69 percent said that their team was doing more automated testing as a result of agile and 61 percent said they were testing earlier in the development cycle.

Interestingly, only 17 percent of the respondents said that agile methodologies have helped them write better code. Agile developers “are not writing better code, but all this testing is catching the errors,” explained Diane Hagglund, founder and senior researcher at Dimensional Research.

The study also found room for improvement on testing as organizations had little agreement on how to best test mobile apps.

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