Book Excerpt: Visual Basic 2008 Programmer’s Reference

Book Excerpt: Visual Basic 2008 Programmer’s Reference

roviding programmers and developers of all skill levels with a comprehensive tutorial and reference to Visual Basic (VB) 2008, Microsoft MVP Rod Stephens presents a broad, solid understanding of essential topics on the latest version of VB. He explains the forms, controls, and other objects that VB furnishes for building applications in a modern windows environment. Plus, he examines the powerful development environment that makes VB such a productive language, and delves into the VB language itself, showing you real-world examples for performing a variety of important development tasks.

As Rod updated the previous version of this book, he added numerous examples and revised and retested code extensively to make sure the code is compatible with and represents best practices for the 2008 release. The book’s appendixes will prove particularly useful for developers changing languages; as they can help translate code from familiar languages into the corresponding VB syntax. Ultimately, you’ll find coverage of the technologies you need to build sophisticated applications with VB 2008.

Contents Overview

  • Covers extension methods for adding new features to existing classes
  • Explains how to select and use Windows Forms Controls for a specific purpose
  • Provides tips for using subroutines and functions to break a program into manageable pieces
  • Discusses techniques for error handling and debugging
  • Lists the most important classes and objects you’ll use when building an application
  • Covers how to use the graphics device interface routines to draw images in VB
  • Explores ways an application interacts with its environment

This book is for programmers who are looking to explore the latest features of the new release of Visual Basic. No prior experience with earlier versions of Visual Basic is necessary.

Chapter Excerpt
Chapter 34 covers printing in VB from the ground up. It doesn’t just discuss how to print text documents, but also covers printer management, providing print preview capability, graphics devices in .NET, drawing images, resizing content to fit on a page, and much more. Download the PDF of Chapter 34: “Printing.”

Reproduced from Visual Basic 2008 Programmer’s Reference by permission of Wiley. ISBN-10: 0470182628, ISBN-13: 9780470182628, copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

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