Hidden iPhone Shortcut Prevents Expiration Oversights

Hidden iPhone Shortcut Prevents Expiration Oversights

Shortcut Expiration Prevention

It’s all too common to forget about the expiration dates of perishable items like food, medications, and prescriptions. These oversights can result in wasted money or potential health risks. Fortunately, iPhones have a built-in feature to send reminders about approaching expiration dates.

By utilizing this hidden iPhone shortcut, you can stay on top of your grocery and medication schedules, ensuring your safety and reducing waste. This useful tool is easy to set up and personalized to your individual needs, making it a valuable addition to your iPhone’s vast array of features.

Utilizing the Shortcuts app on iPhone

The Shortcuts app on your iPhone allows you to automate tasks and set up custom actions. One of the available shortcuts is an expiration reminder, which alerts you when a selected item is nearing its expiration date. This feature works for various items, including food, prescriptions, medication, and cosmetics. By setting up expiration reminders, you can effectively reduce waste and ensure the timely use of products, leading to better organization and overall management of your household items. Moreover, the Shortcuts app offers other useful preset shortcuts or lets you create your own custom actions tailored to your daily routines and preferences.

Creating an expiration reminder shortcut

To set up an expiration reminder shortcut, follow these simple steps:

1. If the Shortcuts app isn’t visible on your home screen, swipe down from the top of your phone and type “Shortcuts.
2. Open the Shortcuts app located in the bottom right corner of your screen.
3. Search for “Expiration” in the search bar.
4. Add Expiration Reminder.
5. Navigate back to My Shortcuts by tapping the bottom left of the screen.
6. Add Expiration Reminder.
7. Input the item you want to track, such as cholesterol medication.
8. Select a date and time for the reminder.
9. Once you’ve selected the date and time, tap on the “Save” button to finalize your reminder. This will store your reminder and trigger a notification at the specified time.
10. You can now easily access and manage your expiration reminders in the Shortcuts app, ensuring that you never forget about important expiration dates.

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Creating an expiration reminder shortcut with Siri

You can also use a voice command to trigger the shortcut through Siri. Say, “Siri, add expiration reminder.” Siri will add and then inquire, “What do you want to change it to?” Respond with the desired item, like “Milk is expiring.” Siri will create a custom reminder for the expiration date of the mentioned item. This way, you’ll receive a notification when your milk, or any other perishable good, is nearing its expiration date, ensuring you don’t miss it.

Using and deleting an expiration reminder notification

Once the selected date and time arrive, your iPhone will send a reminder notification. You can review the notification for more details, and when finished, swipe left and tap to remove it. Upon removing the notification, your device will no longer prompt you about the expired event, allowing you to stay organized efficiently. To ensure you do not miss future reminders, regularly check your notification settings and make sure they are configured to your preferences.

Key takeaways

Expiration reminder shortcuts are useful tools for ensuring you don’t overlook the expiration dates of foods, medications, and other perishable items. This feature helps save money, reduce waste, and maintain health. You can establish as many expiration reminders as needed for different items and dates. These shortcuts can be created through smartphone apps, digital calendars, or even physical methods like reminder notes on fridge doors. By adhering to expiration reminder shortcuts, you can make informed decisions about what to consume, ensuring optimal safety and product utility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hidden iPhone shortcut for expiration reminders?

The hidden iPhone shortcut is a feature within the Shortcuts app, which allows you to set up reminders for the expiration of perishable items such as food, medications, and prescriptions. This helps reduce waste, save money, and maintain health.

How do I set up an expiration reminder shortcut?

To set up an expiration reminder shortcut, open the Shortcuts app, search for “Expiration,” add Expiration Reminder, input the item’s details, select a date and time for the reminder, and save it. You can then manage your reminders within the Shortcuts app.

Can I create an expiration reminder shortcut using Siri?

Yes, you can create an expiration reminder shortcut using Siri. Say “Siri, add expiration reminder” and respond with the item name and expiration date when prompted. Siri will create a custom reminder for the specified item.

How do I use and delete an expiration reminder notification?

When you receive an expiration reminder notification, you can review its details. Afterward, swipe left and tap to remove it from your notifications. Make sure your notification settings are configured according to your preferences to avoid missing future reminders.

Why is using expiration reminder shortcuts important?

Expiration reminder shortcuts help you stay on top of perishable items’ expiration dates, ensuring you consume them in a timely manner. This practice saves money, limits waste, and maintains your health by preventing the consumption of expired products.


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