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Simplifying Null Check in Java

To avoid null exceptions, we usually validate against null and emptiness as shown: if(object != null && !object.equals(“”)) {} We

Automation of Tasks

Automation of tasks is a good concept. Consider the example below in which you create a task and schedule it


Extract Faces Using Amazon Rekognition

AmazonRekognitionClient amazonRekognitionClient = new AmazonRekognitionClient(Amazon.RegionEndpoint.);byte[] imageData = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(inputImageFile);DetectFacesRequest facesRequest =

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Filling from Recordset

Question: How do I fill a combo box with the values from an Access 2.0query or table? I have the compatibility layer installed and everything works except I can’t figure out the combo box. Answer: This is a matter of coding it…I’m sure your db connectivity is there. Here’s a

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Compilation Requirements

Question: I know I need VB40032.DLL to run my visual basic programs,but I was wondering if it is possible to make a VB executablethat does not require VB40032.dll. Answer: VB40032.DLL is the runtime interpreter for Visual Basic. Until now, Microsoft has not built a compiler that would eliminate the use

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Creating INI Files

Question: How do I create INI files to meet the common microsoft standard? Answer: INI files can be created with Notepad, or any other plain text editor. Once the file is created, or even if it is not, you can use GetPrivateProfileString and WritePrivateProfileString to write settings to the file.

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Detecting Row Selection in TrueGrid

Question: I have a database (Access) with 6 tables. I created a form for each table. I created an Apex True DBGrid for the database using the first table for display. How do I open my form by clicking on the highlighted record in the Grid and also by using

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