Adobe AIR: Bring Web Development to the Desktop Securely

hile many technologies promise to put features of desktop applications on the web, Adobe AIR brings web development to the desktop. Adobe AIR is a cross-platform runtime environment that allows web developers to use their existing Flash and Flex skills to build applications for the desktop.

Adobe AIR in Action introduces AIR, showing developers how to build solid AIR-driven desktop applications. The authors walk web developers through the new AIR application concepts they will need.

Of course, any discussion of Adobe AIR must include two related issues: security and authenticity. Failing to understand what AIR does and does not enforce for application security and authenticity could lead to breaches or violations. Chapter 1 lays out the steps that developers need to take to protect users of their AIR applications.

Download an early access edition of “AIR Application Security and Authenticity,” an article based on chapter 1 from Adobe AIR in Action.

Courtesy of Manning Publications. All rights reserved.

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