Starting NT Services for SQL Databases

The Windows NT installation process for SQL servers from Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Sybase, and Informix installs NT services. Not all products include a graphical tool that enables you to start and stop the database services. The installation process for some servers causes the database server and other processes to start up automatically when you boot Windows NT. If you develop for multiple SQL platforms and install several DBMSs on the same Windows NT Server, you undoubtedly want to control which database services are running and consuming resources. Windows NT permits you to change the startup options for NT services, including database services. From the Taskbar, select Settings, and bring up the Control Panel. In the Control Panel, select Services. NT displays a dialog box that lists services and their status. The left column (see Figure 1) tells a service’s current run status. The right column tells you whether a service starts automatically or manually. To start or stop a service, click on the Start and Stop buttons, respectively. To change an NT service’s startup status, click on the Startup button and complete the dialog box shown in Figure 1. Use the radio button to indicate whether a service should be disabled, manually started, or automatically started.

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