Linux Mobile Foundation

Definition The Linux Mobile Foundation, also known as LiMo Foundation, was a consortium dedicated to creating an open and globally consistent software platform for mobile devices using the Linux operating

Level Design

Definition Level design, in the context of technology and gaming, is the process of creating stages, maps or missions for video games, offering players different forms of challenges. It involves

Local Area Transport

Definition Local Area Transport (LAT) is a proprietary network protocol developed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in the 1980s. LAT allows multiple host computers to access devices on a network

Logic Bomb

Definition A Logic Bomb is a type of malicious software (malware) that gets triggered by a specific event or condition. Once these conditions are met, the logic bomb delivers its

Light Intensity Modulated Direct Overwrite

Definition Light Intensity Modulated Direct Overwrite (LIMDOW) is a technology used in optical disc drives. Specifically, it modulates the intensity of the laser between a high and low level to

Low Earth Orbit

Definition Low Earth Orbit (LEO) refers to a satellite system that orbits at a relatively close range to the surface of the Earth, typically between 112 and 1,200 miles high.

Line of Sight

Definition Line of sight, in technology, refers to an invisible straight path along which an electronic signal can be sent from a transmitter to a receiver. This term is commonly

LAN Switching

Definition LAN Switching refers to the process of forwarding information, such as data and voice, in a local area network (LAN) from one device to another. A switch is the

Load File

Definition A load file is a type of data file used in electronic discovery (eDiscovery) and litigation support to import data into a review platform. It contains additional information regarding