Definition Zenware refers to a type of software designed to minimize distractions, allowing users to focus on a specific task or function. This can be achieved by decluttering user interfaces,


Definition Zope is an open-source web application server mainly used for building complex web applications. Created by Zope Corporation, it is written in the Python programming language and features a

Zombie Cookie

Definition A zombie cookie is a type of tracking cookie in digital technology that recreates itself after being deleted by the user. It does this by storing its information in

Zero-Day Exploit

Definition A Zero-Day Exploit refers to a cyber attack that occurs on the same day a weakness is discovered in a software. It happens before the creator is aware of,

Zero-Configuration Network

Definition Zero-Configuration Networking is a method that automatically creates a usable IP network without manual setup or special configuration. This type of networking allows devices to connect to a network

Zoho Office Suite

Definition Zoho Office Suite is a comprehensive software package provided by Zoho Corporation, specially designed for businesses. It includes numerous applications for various business purposes such as spreadsheets, word processing,


Definition “Zerg” is a term originating from the game Starcraft, where it refers to a species of fast-producing alien creatures used to overwhelm enemies. In a broader tech context, it’s

Zero Administration for Windows

Definition Zero Administration for Windows (ZAW) is a Microsoft initiative aimed at reducing the amount of time and resources that a network administrator needs to spend on workstation configuration. The

Zero-Day Threat

Definition A Zero-Day Threat refers to a vulnerability in software or hardware that is unknown to the parties responsible for patching or fixing the issue. The term “zero-day” denotes that