Manipulate the Height of the List-Box Item(s)

Manipulate the Height of the List-Box Item(s)

These two routines enable you to get the height of an item of a list box in terms of pixels, and they also enable you to set the height of all the list-box items to a given value in pixels:

 Declare Function SendMessage Lib _	"User" (ByVal hWnd As Integer, ByVal wMsg As Integer, _ 	ByVal wParam As Integer, 1Param As Any) As LongConst WM_USER = &H400Const LB_GETITEMHEIGHT = (WM_USER + 34)Const LB_SETITEMHEIGHT = (WM_USER + ee)Const WM_SETREDRAW = &HB'Height is returned in terms of pixelsFunction ListBox_getItemHeight (1st as Control) As Integer	'Retrieve the height of the listbox 	'item	ListBox_getItemHeight = SendMessage ((1st.hWnd), _		LB_GETITEMHEIGHT, 0, &)End Function'Sets the height of the items of the'listbox to a specified one.Sub ListBox_setRowHeight (1st As Control, 1Height As Long)	Dim ignore as integer	ignore = SendMessage ((1st.hWnd), LB_SETITEMHEIGHT, 0, _		ByVal 1Height)	'Refresh the listbox	ignore = SendMessage ((1st.hWnd), WM_SETREDRAW, True, 0&)End Sub

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