Display The Windows Registered User

Display The Windows Registered User

The strings related to the registered user of a particular copy of Windowsare stored in a string inside USER.EXE. You can retrieve them with code.In the general declarations section, insert:

 Declare Function GetModuleHandle Lib "Kernel" _	(ByVal Module As String) As IntegerDeclare Function LoadString Lib "User" _	(ByVal hInst As Integer, _	ByVal wID As Integer, ByVal buf as Any, _	ByVal size As Integer) As Integer

To get the user name and company strings into a variable, use this code:

 Sub Form_Load ()Dim hInst As Integer, user As String, _	org As String, title As String, length As Integeruser = Space$(256)org = Space$(256)hInst = GetModuleHandle("user.exe")length = LoadString(hInst, 514, user, Len(user))user = Left$(user, length)length = LoadString(hInst, 515, org, Len(org))organization = Left$(org, length)Debug.Print userDebug.Print organizationEnd Sub

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