Load a VB4 Form in VB3

Load a VB4 Form in VB3

You cannot load a VB4 form in VB3 directly. You must modify theform definition. When you open a VB4 form, the file will resemblethe example:

 VERSION 4.00Begin VB.Form Form1         Caption =       "Form1"        ClientHeight    =       5940        '        'EndAttribute VB_Name = "Form1"Attribute VB_Creatable = FalseAttribute VB_Exposed = FalseOption Explicit

Change the VERSION 4.0 statement to VERSION 2.0. Remove all thepostfix “VB.” from the form which you can see in theBegin VB.Form Form1 statement. Remove all the Attribute declarations.Save the form and load it in VB3.


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