Enforce Design-Time Size for MDI Forms

Enforce Design-Time Size for MDI Forms

Because MDI forms don’t have a border property, the user can drag the borders and distort the size of theMDI form. If the user tries to resize the form, I want the form to revert to its design-time size. To accomplishthis, use this procedure for the MDIForm_Resize() event:

 Private Sub MDIForm_Resize()        ' Stop resizing of MDI forms by         ' dragging borders and reposition         ' the MDI form. Only do this if the         ' MDI form is displayed as a Normal         ' Window        If WindowState = 0 Then                ' Your MDI form's design height                Me.Height = 6900                ' Your MDI form's design width                Me.Width = 10128                ' Your MDI form's design left                 ' position                Me.Left = 1020                ' Your MDI form's design top                 ' position                Me.Top = 1176                ' You may also use a Move method                 ' to change all properties in one                 ' single command        End IfEnd Sub


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