ListView Column Sorting

ListView Column Sorting


Give your ListView control in report view the sort functionalityof the Win95 Explorer. This code will allow you to sort by anycolumn. If your list is already sorted by the column header youpress, the sort order is toggled:

 Private Sub ListView1_ColumnClick_        (ByVal ColumnHeader As ColumnHeader)        With ListView1                'If current sort column header is                 'pressed then                If (ColumnHeader.Index - 1) = _                        .SortKey Then                        'Set sort order opposite of                         ' current direction.                        .SortOrder = (.SortOrder + _                                1) Mod 2                Else                        'Otherwise sort by this column                         '(ascending)                        .Sorted = False                        'Turn off sorting so that the                         ' list is not sorted twice                        .SortOrder = 0                        .SortKey = _                                ColumnHeader.Index - 1                        .Sorted = True                End If        End WithEnd Sub


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