Undocumented Feature Logs Jet Queries

Undocumented Feature Logs Jet Queries

Jet 3.0 includes an undocumented feature that lets you log Jet’soptimization plan of queries. To enable this feature, you mustcreate this registry key using Windows’ RegEdit program:

 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoft _        Jet3.0EnginesDebug

Create a string registry key under this node called “JetShowPlan”and set it equal to “On.” Now all queries executed fromVB4-32 and Access 95 will be logged to a file named SHOWPLAN.OUTin the current directory. To turn logging off, set the key equalto “Off.” Note that this file may get large, so youmay wish to delete it every so often. This feature is, of course,completely unsupported and may cause unwanted side effects, souse it with caution.


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