Set Forms to Nothing with Caution

Set Forms to Nothing with Caution

It’s a good idea to set your form variables to Nothing to recoverall memory that was allocated for the form module. Executing SetForm1 = Nothing for a loaded form, however, will have no apparenteffect, but will leave the form module in a confused state. Youcan demonstrate this by executing:

 Form2.ShowSet Form2 = NothingForm2.ShowMsgbox Forms.Count & " loaded forms"Unload Form2Unload Form2

The second line of this code seems to do nothing, but the seconduse of Form2’s Show method will in fact load and display a secondinstance of Form2. The forms collection will know about both instances,but only one of them will be unloaded with the Unload statement.

To avoid these problems, always be sure a form is unloaded beforesetting it to Nothing. While you cannot execute Set Me = Nothing,you can achieve the same effect in a form’s Unload event:

 Form_Unload (Cancel As Integer)        Dim Form As Form        For Each Form In Forms                If Form Is Me Then                        Set Form = Nothing                        Exit For                End If        Next FormEnd Sub
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