Databound Grid Bug Solution

Databound Grid Bug Solution

A severe bug in VB4 appears when using the Databound Grid withmodal forms. Create 3 forms: form1, form2 and form3. Put a buttoncommand1 on each of the forms. In the click event of command1in form1, show form2 modally. In the click event of command1 inform2, show form3 modally. Drop a DBGRID on form3. In the clickevent of command1 in form3, unload form3.

Run form1. Press each button as the forms show up. When pressingthe third button, I get a stack overflow error in both 16-bitand 32-bit VB4. Also, on Windows 3.1, the system hangs up.

Solve the problem by avoiding modal forms when using bound controls.If you need modal behavior in a form, all you have to do is keeptrack of the form that opened it, and set its Enabled propertyto False. You can create a property procedure to keep a referenceto the caller form. Then you could show the “modal”form like this:

 With FormModal        .Prop_Caller = Me        .ShowEnd With

Now set Caller.enabled to False in the “modal” formLoad event, and to True in the Unload event.


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