Load a Grid From a SQL Statement

Here is useful code for a generic routine to load a grid from anSQL statement. The example shown is for RDO and Sheridan’s grid,but works with minor modification for any grid and result set type.Also, you can load combo boxes in a similar fashion:

 Public Sub LoadGridFromSQL(TargetGrid As SSDBGrid, rdoConn As rdoConnection, Sql As String, Optional ClearGrid As Boolean = True)    Dim J As Integer    Dim rsResult As rdoResultset    Dim sAddItem As String        If ClearGrid Then        TargetGrid.RemoveAll    End If    TargetGrid.Redraw = False        Set rsResult = rdoConn.OpenResultset(Sql, rdOpenForwardOnly, rdConcurReadOnly, rdExecDirect)    With rsResult        Do Until .EOF                        'Build add item string            sAddItem = vbNullString            For J = 1 To .rdoColumns.Count                If IsNull(.rdoColumns.Item(J - 1)) Then                    sAddItem = sAddItem & vbNullString & vbTab                Else                    sAddItem = sAddItem & .rdoColumns.Item(J - 1) & vbTab                End If            Next J                        'Remove extra tab from end            TargetGrid.AddItem Left$(sAddItem, Len(sAddItem) - 1)            .MoveNext                Loop        .Close    End With 'rsResult        TargetGrid.Redraw = True    Set rsResult = Nothing    End Sub
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