Internationalized Strings

Internationalized Strings

If you’ve been using the standard string class and you have to internationalize your software, you don’t have to give up the significant advantages class string offers: you can simply use the corresponding standard wstring class, which supports a wide characters string, yet with the same functionality of string. In fact, both string and wstring are specializations of the standard class template, basic_string, for char and wchar_t (now a built-in type in the language), respectively:

 #include  //note: C++ string and not C'susing namespace std;void main(){wchar_t  JapaneseNoun[20]; char EnglishNoun[20] = "thingie";TranslateToJ(EnglishNoun, JapaneseNoun);wstring jstr(JapanesNoun);int sz = jstr.size();}


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