Internationalized Strings

If you’ve been using the standard string class and you have to internationalize your software, you don’t have to give up the significant advantages class string offers: you can simply use the corresponding standard wstring class, which supports a wide characters string, yet with the same functionality of string. In fact, both string and wstring are specializations of the standard class template, basic_string<>, for char and wchar_t (now a built-in type in the language), respectively:

 #include  //note: C++ string and not C'susing namespace std;void main(){wchar_t  JapaneseNoun[20]; char EnglishNoun[20] = "thingie";TranslateToJ(EnglishNoun, JapaneseNoun);wstring jstr(JapanesNoun);int sz = jstr.size();}
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