Cache Your JavaScript Object References

Cache Your JavaScript Object References

You can write JavaScript code that is more readable and maintainable by reducing object references. For instance, you can use the with() statement or nested with() statements in JavaScript to shorten object references (see Tip: “Make Your JavaScript Code More Readable Using with()”). If you find that technique confusing, another option is to cache your objects. For example, you could rewrite this code:

 parent.frames[1].document.forms[0].elements[0].value = "foo";parent.frames[1].document.forms[0].elements[1].value = "bar";parent.frames[1].document.forms[1].elements[0].value = "hello";parent.frames[1].document.forms[1].elements[1].value = "world";

like this with object caching:

 var fra = parent.frames[1];var frm0 = fra.document.forms[0];var frm1 = fra.document.forms[1];frm0.elements[0].value = "foo";frm0.elements[1].value = "bar";frm1.elements[0].value = "hello";frm1.elements[1].value = "world";


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