Avoid ADO Errors by Including ADOVBS.INC

Avoid ADO Errors by Including ADOVBS.INC

The IntelliSense feature of Visual InterDev is very handy, but it may induce you to add bugs to your code. For example, when you are using a recordset object’s Open method, IntelliSense prompts with this tool tip:

 Open(Source, ActiveConnection, [CursorType], [LockType], [Options])

When you get to the CursorType parameter, IntelliSense pops up the available choices such as AdOpenDynamic and AdOpenKeyset.That’s where the bug sneaks in. Even though you think you’ve added a constant such as AdOpenDynamic, you haven’t actually done so in ASP. Your “constants” will all resolve to zero–probably not what you wanted.The trick is to always include ADOVBS.INC in your database scripts such as:


The alternative is to use the actual values for ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) parameters instead of the more meaningful constant names.


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