Who’s Who in Java Commerce

Who’s Who in Java Commerce

Java Wallet
The Java Wallet is a family of Java products designed to enablesecure electronic commerce operations. It incorporates the Java CommerceClient, Commerce JavaBeans components, the Gateway Security Model, and JavaCommerce Messages for an extensible e-commerce platform. These products canbe used independently of one another.

Java Commerce Client (JCC)
The Java Commerce Client (JCC) is a client side solution for secureelectronic commerce transactions. As an open, extensible platform thatprovides with a Wallet-like user interface, and a database for a variety ofpayment instruments and protocols.

Commerce JavaBeans component
A Commerce JavaBeans component is a reusable commerce component that extendsthe JavaBeans model based on some specific interface requirements. CommerceJavaBeans helps developers develop commerce components to extend thefunctionality of the JCC.
Commerce JavaBeans components are contained in cassettes, which are signedjar files containing resources (one or more Commerce JavaBeans components,shared interfaces, graphics, etc.). Cassettes are made available to end uservia download or on a disk, When a cassette is downloaded and installed, theJCC can make use of the Commerce JavaBeans component(s) it contains toperform commerce operations.

Java Commerce APIs
Java Commerce APIs provides implementation of basic services within theJava Commerce Client. These services form the foundation for developers tocreate e-commerce applications. The classes of Java Commerce APIs enables:
1. Rapid Commerce Component Development based on Commerce JavaBeansspecification.
2. Secure Downloading and Installation of Cassettes through support for aninstallation subsystem to facilitate the download and installation of newcommerce components into the Java Wallet.
3. Secure Interoperation of Commerce JavaBeans components.
4. Secure Storage of Private End-User Information. The Java Commerce APIscontain a database that securely holds personal information, like creditcard numbers or transaction histories.
5. Rapid Development of Secure Payment Mechanisms.

Java Smart Card APIPackaged in “javax.smartcard”, the Java Smart Card API enablescommunication between a Java applications and smart cards. This would beindependent of hardware devices. The Java Commerce APIs are extensions to JDK and are delivered separately from it.

For more information on Java Commerce from Sun Microsystems, visit http://java.sun.com/products/commerce/.

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