Ask the Form Itself Whether it’s Loaded

Ask the Form Itself Whether it’s Loaded

Occasionally you initialize a form but don’t load it. You might do this to read in initial application Registry values. After that, any references to control properties on the form automatically cause your Form_Load event to fire, whether or not you intended to fire the Form_Load event. If you want to know programmatically whether your form has been loaded, implement these steps.
Add a private Boolean variable to your form and call it m_bLoaded:

 Option ExplicitDim m_bLoaded as Boolean

Add Property Let and Get procedures to provide public read and write access to your form’s internal m_bLoaded variable:

 Public Property Get Loaded() As Boolean	Loaded = m_bLoadedEnd PropertyPublic Property Get Let(ByVal bLoaded As Boolean)	m_bLoaded = bLoadedEnd Property

Add this line of code to your form’s Load event:

 Me.Loaded = True

To see whether your form is loaded from other modules or other forms, use this code:

 If  FormName.Loaded = True Then	' Do stuff that can only be done if the form 	' has been loaded (i.e., set control properties)EndIf

Using this code helps prevent you from accidentally firing the Form_Load event.


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