Get all your Threads and Thread Groups

Get all your Threads and Thread Groups

It might be useful to garner an enumeration of all thread groups and theirthreads in your running application. The following method shows you how todo that:

 public void printOutThreadGroups(){    //create a thread    Thread t = new Thread();    //get the current thread    Thread tt = t.currentThread();    //get the thread group of current thread    ThreadGroup tg = tt.getThreadGroup();    ThreadGroup topMost = null;    //find the topmost thread group    while(tg != null)    {        topMost = tg;        tg = tg.getParent();    }    //get an estimate of active thread groups under topMost    int groupCount = topMost.activeGroupCount();    //get an enumeration of thread groups under topMost    ThreadGroup[] tgArray = new ThreadGroup[groupCount];    topMost.enumerate(tgArray, true);    //for every thread group under topMost, print out the 
active threads System.out.println("Top Most ThreadGroup: ""+topMost.getName()+ "" has the following Thread Groups:"); System.out.println("**********************"); for(int i=0; i


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