Enhance the Replace Function

Enhance the Replace Function

If you’re faced with a string that needs to have certain characters removed from it, use the Replace() function to make the problem more manageable. For instance, use this code to remove all a’s from a particular string:

 Debug.Print Replace("abababa", "a", "")

This statement works fine when you want only a single character removed, but if you have a long list of suspects, you have to do serious copy-and-paste. Avoid that by using this function:

 Public Function StripOut(ByVal From As String, _	ByVal What As String) As String	Dim i As Integer	For i = 1 To Len(What)		From = Replace(From, Mid$(What, i, 1), "")	Next i	StripOut = FromEnd Function

Just place this code somewhere in your program?preferably in a module?and call it like this:

 Debug.Print StripOut("abcdefg", "bdf")

This call returns a string with all b, d, and f characters removed.


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