BigDecimal Numbers and Formatting

BigDecimal Numbers and Formatting

[float]s and [double]s are useful for graphics and possible statistics.However they are not recommended for certain calculations requiring absoluteaccuracy, such as when they involve money . That’s because the results produced by [float]ing point and [double] precision math is sometimes inaccurate due to data representation in the computer. Think in terms of:

 double f = 2.9 - 1.1;System.out.println( f );giving: 1.7999999999999998 instead of 1.8Enter the [BigDecimal] number.....import java.math.*;class BigDecimalTest {  public static void main(String[] args) {    BigDecimal a = new BigDecimal("2.9");    BigDecimal b = new BigDecimal("1.1");    BigDecimal c = a.subtract(b);			// Note the convention.    System.out.println(c);				// An accurate value: 1.800000000 =)  }}

Notice that it prints all the digits? To format it…

 BigDecimal trim(BigDecimal n)		// trim ( (BigDecimal) a) to cut off alltrailing zeros{	try	{      	while (true)		{			n = n.setScale(n.scale()-1);		}	}	catch (ArithmeticException e)	{

// Not “real” error: No more trailing zeroes -> Just exit // setScale() tries to eliminate a non-zero digit -> Out of the loop // Remember exceptions are not recommended for exiting loops, but this seems to be the best way…

 	}	return n;}BigDecimal format(BigDecimal n, int dp)	// Sets [n] to [dp] decimal places{	return n.setScale(dp, BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_UP);	// Sets scale and roundsup if most significant (cut off) number >= 5}


 trim(new BigDecimal("2.320000")) -> 2.32format(new BigDecimal("1.4553"), 2) -> 1.46format(new BigDecimal("87"), 7) -> 87.0000000
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