How to Speed Up Data Transfer Between Servlet and Applet

We can speed up the data transfer between servlet and applet in a Web application by compressing the data transferred between them. The example below demonstrates how this is done:

Servlet Code:

 public void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res)              throws ServletException, IOException   {     try      {	res.setHeader("Content-Encoding","gzip");	OutputStream out = res.getOutputStream();	GZIPOutputStream gz = new GZIPOutputStream(out);	String data = "Compressed Data";        gz.write(data.getBytes());	gz.close();       	out.close();      }     catch(Exception e)      {	System.out.println("In CompressServlet: Exception in doGet");      }  }//Applet Code:

 public class UnCompressApplet extends Applet {   String fromServ = "";   public void start()	{	  try	   {	     readData();	   }	  catch(Exception e)	   {	     System.out.println("Exception in start()");	   }	}	public void paint(Graphics g)	 {	    // Display the obtained data  	g.drawString("Contents of Servlet Data: " + fromServ, 10, 10);	 }public void readData() throws Exception  {  try   {      GZIPInputStream gz = new GZIPInputStream( getData() );      byte[] buf = new byte[1024];      int len;      while ((len = > 0)	 fromServ = new String(buf);      gz.close();   }  catch (IOException e)   {      System.out.println("In UncompressApplet: Exception in readData()");   }}public InputStream getData() throws Exception  {try{	//URL of the Web ServerString url = "http://localhost:8080/examples/servlet/CompressServlet";	URL postURL = new URL( url );	URLConnection urlCon = null;	urlCon = postURL.openConnection();	urlCon.setDoOutput(true);	urlCon.setDoInput(true);	return urlCon.getInputStream();}    catch(Exception e)  	{	  e.printStackTrace();	  return null; //something went wrong    }  }//end of getData}//end of classHTML Code :Applet/Servlet Communication

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