DB2 in AS/400 to Oracle?

Hi all,

DB2 in AS/400 to Oracle?


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Hi all,
My client want to migrate DB/2 for AS/400 to Oracle 8i/9i. Is there anymigration toolkit to do this?
And which file format does Oracle import utility supported?
I’m looking for your reply



There isn’t one directly (yet??) —

However, you can try the ODBC Migration Utility — it should be able toconnect…

Another option might be to utilize the Oracle Transparent Gateway product toconnect the oracle database
to the db2/400 database….

Take a look at the manual: Oracle8i Distributed Database Systems
Chapter 6, Oracle Heterogeneous Services Concepts

This looks like it is more labor intensive of a conversion method — but itbeats doing everything from
scratch with csv files and sqlldr!




Thanks for your help!
What is ‘ODBC Migration Utility’? I try to find it from Oracle’s website but Icouldn’t. Is it a third
party tool?



Its at http://technet.oracle.com/
Technologies –> Migration Toolkits –>  OBBC/CLIPPER/PARADOX




Proposed Answer:

ODBC is a neat solution but is very slow. It is good to usethe native drivers for migration.

If your migration is a one time process then no use buying the costly opengateway or migration utility
for DB2.

I’ll suggest a clean and cost effective approach.

Export the data from DB2 to ASCII text files using the export command.

create the tables in the oracle schema with the same structure as that of DB2(you can get the SQL script
from DB2 and execute at oracle)

Then use the SQL Loader tool of Oracle (it comes with Oracle) to load the ASCIItext files to the database,
for SQL Loader you will have to write the control (.CTL) files. which is notvery huge task and can be
done easily.

I can send you code to generate CTL files automatically.

write to me at [email protected]



Hi —
The Migration Utility for Oracle is FREE from oracle.. In fact, the MigrationUtility is bundled with
the 8i  Server & client release CDs.

I agree the native drivers would be faster, however, ODBC migration utilitywould be far faster than
the using the SQL*Loader utility….

BTW — POST the CTL files instead of sending them — it is unfair to otherswould like to view the solution.



Written on 2/04/2001

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