Viewing Dynamically Allocated Arrays In VC++

Normally, when you allocate an array using new or malloc in VC++, you can only see the first element when you look at the variable in the watch window. To view the entire array, just type the variable-name and number-of-elements-to-view.

 //Example:int main( void ){	const int SIZE = 10;	int *intArray = 0;	intArray = new int[SIZE] ;	for( int x = 0; x < SIZE; x++ )	{		intArray[x] = 10 + x;	}     return 0;}

To see intArray in the watch window, type:

 intArray, 10

and it will expand out for the entire array. To see first five elements, type:

 intArray, 5

To see elements 4 elements after intArray[3], type:

 (intArray + 3), 4

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