Instantiate an Object Inline

Instantiate an Object Inline

In VB.NET, you can instantiate a new instance of an object inline, making your code more compact. This example shows both versions:

 Imports SystemPublic Class Author  Private fName As String  Private lName As String  Public Sub New(ByVal fName As String, ByVal lName As _    String)    me.fName = fName    me.lName = lName  End Sub  Public ReadOnly Property FullName() As String    Get      Return fName & " " & lName    End Get  End PropertyEnd ClassPublic Class Test  Public Shared Sub Main()    'This is the more verbose method    Dim author As Author = _      New Author("Jon", "Goodyear")    Console.WriteLine(author.FullName)    'This is the less verbose method    Console.WriteLine( _      New Author("Jon", "Goodyear").FullName)  End SubEnd Class


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