Create Folders Recursively if They Do Not Exist

Create Folders Recursively if They Do Not Exist

This script can be used in ASP or VBScript or Visual Basic. It is an easy way to create a folder tree.

 Sub CreateFolderTree(ByVal FolderName)    Dim objFSO    Dim InterminPath    Dim Loc    Dim bCreateFolder    Dim sName    sName = FolderName    bCreateFolder = False    Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")    'Create folders recursively if they do not exist    InterminPath = ""    Do        'Seperate folders        Loc = InStr(FolderName, "")        If Loc = 0 Then            InterminPath = InterminPath & "" & FolderName            FolderName = ""        Else            If InterminPath = "" Then                    InterminPath = Left(FolderName, Loc - 1)            Else                    InterminPath = InterminPath & "" & Left _(FolderName,Loc - 1)            End If            FolderName = Mid(FolderName, Loc + 1)        End If        'Create subfolder in application directory if it _doesn't exist        If Not objFSO.FolderExists(InterminPath) Then            objFSO.CreateFolder (InterminPath)            bCreateFolder = True        End If    Loop While FolderName  ""    If bCreateFolder Then        Msgbox "Created folder " & LCase(sName), ,"Status"    End IfEnd Sub


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