Create Folders Recursively if They Do Not Exist

This script can be used in ASP or VBScript or Visual Basic. It is an easy way to create a folder tree.

 Sub CreateFolderTree(ByVal FolderName)    Dim objFSO    Dim InterminPath    Dim Loc    Dim bCreateFolder    Dim sName    sName = FolderName    bCreateFolder = False    Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")    'Create folders recursively if they do not exist    InterminPath = ""    Do        'Seperate folders        Loc = InStr(FolderName, "")        If Loc = 0 Then            InterminPath = InterminPath & "" & FolderName            FolderName = ""        Else            If InterminPath = "" Then                    InterminPath = Left(FolderName, Loc - 1)            Else                    InterminPath = InterminPath & "" & Left _(FolderName,Loc - 1)            End If            FolderName = Mid(FolderName, Loc + 1)        End If        'Create subfolder in application directory if it _doesn't exist        If Not objFSO.FolderExists(InterminPath) Then            objFSO.CreateFolder (InterminPath)            bCreateFolder = True        End If    Loop While FolderName <> ""    If bCreateFolder Then        Msgbox "Created folder " & LCase(sName), ,"Status"    End IfEnd Sub
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